What is RACI?

Q: What is RACI?

A RACI chart is a common type of responsibility assignment matrix that uses statuses to define the involvement of stakeholders in project activities.  It is sometimes put into a matrix format in order to reference the people involved with a project. A RACI chart is a useful tool is most useful when the team consists of internal and external resources in order to ensure clear divisions of roles and expectations. The categories define levels of interaction for the people involved with a project. The RACI statuses are:

  • Responsible: person who performs the activity or completes the work. The “doer” is responsible for action/implementation.
  • Accountable: person who is ultimately accountable for the decision or action and has Yes/No/Veto authority.
  • Consult: person who is consulted prior to a final decision or action. Input from the designated position is required.
  • Inform: person who is informed that a decision or action has occurred on the activity.

This type of analysis is useful for:

  • Workload Analysis/Balancing: use to identify individual or departmental overloads.
  • Re-organization: ensures key functions and processes awareness.
  • Employee Turnover: identify roles and responsibilities for new team members.
  • Work Assignment: duties are distributed between individuals or departments
  • Project Management: flexibility allows for better accountability.
  • Documents the Status Quo: Creates a record of roles and responsibilities.

Assigned resources can be shown as individuals or groups. Project managers can select other options such as “lead” and “resource” designations or others, as appropriate for the project.

5 Guidelines for RACI charts:

  1. Place Accountability (A) and Responsibility (R) at the lowest feasible level.
  2. Only one accountable individual per activity
  3. Authority must accompany accountability
  4. Minimize the number of Consults (C) and Informs (I)
  5. Roles and responsibilities need to be documented and communicated

RACI and Cloud Coach

Integrating RACI charts into Cloud Coach is a relatively simple process, utilising a combination of both standard Salesforce, and Cloud Coach elements.

When building a RACI chart the first element to utilize is the ‘Stakeholder Contacts’ object that come with Cloud Coach. Once you have assigned Stakeholder Contacts to the various roles you can then build a Matrix report with Project tasks and Stakeholder Contacts. Lightning users can also place this report on the project details page layout where it can then be filtered by Project.

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