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The newest trend in the Project Management ‘ecosystem’ is the idea of ‘Water-scrum-fall’ which as the name suggests, combines both methodologies–Waterfall and Kanban–into one process! Using both the traditional waterfall and flexible agile methodologies empowers teams to use whatever methodology makes the most sense to them but keep the processes in one cohesive project plan.

For example, a lot of teams will have a development team working strictly in an agile fashion using a Kanban tool but the project manager may use a separate Waterfall tool, leaving the project disjointed. But now, using Water-scrum-fall this can all happen in one project where the development team can use the Kanban processes they enjoy and the project manager can view progress easily since the two processes live in the same project.

Create a water scrum fall project

To create a brand new Water Scrum Fall project follow these next steps:

  1. Navigate to the Projects tab.
  2. Select New Project. 
  3. Choose the desired Record Type and click Next
  4. Click Create new Project.
  5. Select Water-Scrum-Fall.
  6. Fill out the project’s detail form.
  7. Click Save

Specific Features of a WSF Project

With a Water-scrum-fall project, you will have the Kanban tab that houses any boards that have been used in this project. By using the dropdown, you can navigate to the different tasks with boards. You can transfer cards to other tasks with the same board process within the same project.

The Kanban symbol identifies all the Kanban related project tasks. Whether you are in the Timeline’s Gantt, List View or Phase View sub-tabs, you can identify which task is a Kanban task and access those boards and cards by clicking on the symbol.

For tasks that have boards, the bar on the gantt will be rounded on the edges offering a distinction between tasks with boards and without boards. They can be moved to adjust the Start Date as well as be assigned a dependency with other tasks.  

Add a Task or Phase

  1.  On the Timelines tab click the Add Task button. This will take you to a new modal window form.
  1. Project Phase: select which phase of the project you wish to add this new task under
  2. Work Type: select the work type the task is going to perform 
  3. Board Process: this is a flexible field that allows you to add Kanban cards based on a Board Process you wish to utilize in this project task. 

Note: This field is not required. If you wish to add a waterfall task without a board, this field is left alone completely.

Note: If you would like to see more details on how to create a project, please refer to the following link: Project Creation.

  1. Alternatively, click on the Add Phase button to add new project phases or from a Templated project. 
  • Create New Phase: if you select this choice you will be directed to add the new phase and add tasks to that phase. The difference now is that you are just going to create a single new phase instead of multiple phases.
  • Create from Template: Enter the name of a project with a phase you wish to emulate and pick which phases you want to clone. 

Relate a Board Process to a Task

There are several ways to relate a board process to a task in a WSF project:

  1. From the Manage Tree button creating a new task:
  2. After a task is created, in the righthand side panel click the pencil icon:
  3.  From creating a child task from the dropdown arrows from the list of tasks:
  4. From the Add Task button:
  5. From the List View and Phase View fields; If you have the board process field in these column headers, you will be able to relate a task to a board process from there.

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