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According to the Project Management Institute (PMI),  keeping a stakeholder register that includes name, organization, title, role on project, contact information, assessment information, and classification should be considered a key part of the body of documentation that encpompasses a project plan. Project stakeholders are defined as individuals, groups, or organizations, who may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project. Project Managers may create a register for these groups or individuals by using Stakeholder Contacts to provide information regarding level of engagement, role in the project, and contact information. This leverages Salesforce core functionality for easy reference to Internal Users or External Contacts and consolidates them in a related list on the Project Details page.




Stakeholder Contacts are located in a related list on the Project Details page. Create new or edit existing records from that section.

To create a new project stakeholder:

Selecting New on the related list brings up the New Stakeholder Contacts page.  There are two sections; one for Internal Users and another for External Contacts. The User field is a lookup to users in the Salesforce org. The Contact field is also a lookup to existing contacts, but has the added functionality to create new contacts as well. Next, use the Role picklist to define the User’s role on the project. By default, there are three choices (though more can be added by an Admin):

Customer User – those who approve, manage, and/or use the project’s product, service, or result
Executive Sponsor – provides resources and support for the project
Stakeholder – any other person affected by decision, activity, or outcome of the project

A scoring matrix can be helpful to determine different tiers of stakeholder interest and power for the project. By selecting high or low values for the Power and Interest fields when entering a stakeholder, an Engagement Rating is automatically designated for each User/Contact. There are four Engagement Ratings are determined as follows:

Low Power + Low Interest = Monitor
Low Power + High Interest = Keep Informed
High Power + Low Interest = Keep Satisfied
High Power + High Interest = Manage Closely

Stakeholders with high power and interest need to be communicated with more frequently and with greater detail than those with low power and interest.

Remove Internal Users or External Contacts by selecting the red ‘x’ to the right of each record row.


To edit an existing project stakeholder:

Once saved, a Stakeholder Contact record appears for each contact. This record can be viewed or edited by  clicking Edit for the contact.

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