Restricted Fields


As customizable as Cloud Coach is, there are fields that cannot be edited from our user interface because they are used in important processes that occur in the background. While editng these fields via standard SFDC is possible, we strongly discourage doing so as it might break standard Cloud Coach functionality. 



  • Completed Percent (Project/Phase)
  • Entered Hours (All packaged objects + Case)
  • Expense/Benefit rollups on Project (Actual/Budgeted and Planned/Realized)

Project Task:

  • Is Working Sunday
  • Is Working Monday
  • Is Working Tuesday
  • Is Working Wednesday
  • Is Working Thursday
  • Is Working Friday
  • Is Working Saturday
  • Offset Hours
  • Parents End
  • Units
  • Duration Is Working
  • Non Working Days Total
  • Is Allocated
  • Parents Offset Hours
  • Hours In Day
  • Sub Task Count


  • Position
  • Process Step
  • Board

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