Project Creation


A new Project in Cloud Coach is created at the click of a button. Whether it’s created from scratch or copied from a Template, the Project can be customized with Phases, Tasks, Sub tasks, Dependencies, Start Dates, Controls (Tickets) and Resource Assignments. Projects can be saved as a template to be re-used as needed.



To create a Project you can: 

  • Click the Projects tab and select New Project
  • Click the arrow next to “Projects” and select “New Project” from the dropdown menu. 

If you have multiple record types, you will be prompted to select one. If you don’t have record types, you can select from the following options: Create New project or Create from Template.

Create New


  • Kanban: → then you are prompted to select the kind of Board Process you will like your Kanban project to follow → then a final form where you specify the project’s Start Date, End Date, Name and Project Type. For more information on this, you can check this article: Kanban Project: Creation
  • Waterfall: → then you are prompted to define the project’s Name, Type and Resource Mode. You’ll be able to create normal waterfall Phases and Tasks
  • Water-Scrum-Fall: → then you are prompted to define the project’s Name, Type and Resource Mode. With Water-Scrum-Fall you’ll have the alternative to include Kanban cards instead of tasks. For more information on this, you can check this article: Water Scrum Fall


This is where you name your Project Name and any other details that have been configured for your organization. For this example, we exposed the Resourcing Mode, Utilization Category, and Project Type picklists. 


You’ll be greeted with you empty project ready to be populated with your phases and tasks. Click ‘Add Phases’

You can select between creating a new phase or adding a phase from a template. 

Create New Phase

From here, you are able to build out all of the Phases, Tasks, and even Sub Tasks (if applicable), draw dependencies amongst tasks and fill details for the tasks that are relevant to your business. These fields are customizeable via a field set. The following Fields are marked as *Required: Phase Name, Project Task Name, Duration and Cannot Start Before. 

In the image above, take notice to the right hand side where the plus sign is. When you click on that plus sign, a modal will open up where you can enter the Sub Tasks for that Project Task, as well as a short description (although that is not required). 

When entering in multiple Tasks, our Project Creation Wizard offers the option of auto populating data into the each Field listed for the Project Task. The Fields (highlighted below in orange) auto-populate the value you enter into all of the Task Fields below them. For example- When you type ‘1’ into the duration field, that ‘1’ will carry down and fill in a Duration of 1 for very Task listed in that Phase. 

When you have completed the creation of your Phase you can create a new phase without leaving your , simply hit Save in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, and you are taken straight to the Timelines View of the Project. 


Create From Template

You’ll be able to select from previously created project templates which match the record type of the current project you’re working on. You can search the project, select the desired start date and handpick the phases you one. If dependencies exists among tasks, they will copy over as well and if you select multiple phases with dependencies among each other, those will be retained as well. 

If you have Tickets related to those Phases or Tasks, you can select whether you want to copy those as well. 


*Phase Insertion will work the same for already created projects. 

Create from Template


To create a Project from a Template, simply select ‘Create from Template’ and hit Next. 

Select template:

This will take you to a list of the Templates that match the Project Record Type you chose on the Previous Screen. Double click the Template of your choice and it will take you to the Details section of the Project Wizard. 


Once you are in the Details section of the Project Creation Wizard, you must select a Start Date of the Project in the Cannot Start Before Field. This will also be the Start Date of the first Task. Depending on the configuration of your organization, there may be other Fields that need to be created prior to moving onto the Review section. For this example, we still have the Resourcing Mode, Utilization  Category and Project Type Picklist exposed. 

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