PPM (Project Portfolio Management)


  • Projects: they are short-lived ventures or enterprises by an organization for the purpose of the creation of a new product or services.
  • Programs: are a group of projects related to one another. They are managed as a group instead of being treated as individual enterprises, since they usually lead to a bigger product, or conjunction of products/services that act as one. 
  • Portfolios: are collections of different programs or projects, related or unrelated to one another that contain the sum of the project’s operations of an organization.  

Main PPM Page

The PPM App is a new tab that provides a console view for managing Portfolios, Programs, Business Units, and Strategic goals. The PPM console will allow users to quickly switch between different portfolios, visualize documents, projects, and tickets linked to the parent record.

Cross Portfolio/Program/Business Unit/Strategic Goals View

  • When a user first clicks the PPM app it will default to the Cross Portfolio View. This can be changed to another object by clicking on the “Cross Portfolio View” label. Options include:
    • Portfolio
    • Program
    • Business Unit
    • Strategic Goals
  • Side panel: Users can select a record in this view and a side panel will appear with the following tabs:
    • Details (field set controlled by object)
    • Field History
    • Chatter
    • Time Entry
  • List Views: In the same manner as the Cross Project View, depending on which object you’ve selected (Portfolio, Program, etc), a drop down for list views will allow users to select which filtered list they want returned
  • Navigation: Users can navigate to the particular Portfolio by choosing the drop-down to the far right of the row, and then select which page they wish to visit (depending on the object, those could be Summary, Timelines, etc)

cross portfolio view

  • Object page: Once a user has navigated to the page, the following options for navigation will appear:
    • Tabs: Once a user has navigated to the page, the following tabs for navigation will appear:
      • Summary (All objects): shows the detail page of the record. This is controlled by page layout.
      • Timelines (Portfolio, Program, Business Unit): Will show the cross-project view of any projects associated with that object (if Portfolio, will show projects related directly to the portfolio, as well as any programs linked to that portfolio), including the Gantt, Project List, Health, Stage Gates, and Milestones. Users can navigate into the project, interact with the side panel, and engage in most activities in the same manner as the regular Cross Project View.
      • Documents (Portfolio, Program): Shows Files & Links and Meetings associated directly with the record.
      • Controls (Portfolio, Program): shows the tickets that are directly associated with the record (not a rollup of tickets associated with any projects).
    • Cross Object View
      • While a record is selected, users can open up the left panel by selecting the List icon in the top left of the page.
      • This will display the Cross Object View as a list (depending on object, Cross Portfolio View, Cross Program, etc). Users can change the object by clicking on the “Cross Portfolio View” and selecting either Program, Business Unit, or Strategic Goal. When users select a different object, a different highlight color will appear (Blue for Portfolio, Green for Program, Purple for Business Unit, and Red for Strategic Goals).
      • Users can also select a list view from that left panel by clicking on the name of the list that displays under “Cross Portfolio View”.

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