Milestone Processes


Milestones are a technique to provide checkpoints throughout a project to mark progress points that must be reached to achieve success. These points may signal anchors such as a project start and end date, or a need for external review or input and budget checks.

A Milestone Process is a predetermined collection of Milestones that are applied to a project and allow for a consistent way of tracking project progress against other projects that the organization is delivering. Organizations can have multiple Milestone Processes with projects being tied to a single Milestone process. Each Milestone process is made up of one or more milestones.

Using Milestone Processes across your project delivery works allows you to quickly see performance across all your projects, and tie in key metrics for your business such as sending out invoices or recognizing revenue.


  1. Milestone Processes are located under the ‘Cloud Coach Admin’ tab.
  2. Create a new Process, you can create as many milestone processes as your business needs.
  3. Give your Process a Top Level Name e.g ‘Rapid Client Onboarding’ (Optionally, you can provide a description).
  4. Selecting the Active checkbox will allow the Milestone Process to be added to new projects.
  5. Add a Milestone Process Step with a name, description, and status. (See more about status in the next section.).

Milestone Processes in Cloud Coach are dynamic, so if you update any part of the process, the change will automatically be shown for all in-flight projects, not just the new ones created. This applies to: 

  • Updating any Milestone Process names
  • Updating, adding or re-ordering ‘Process Steps


Milestone Process Step Status:


  • All – The milestone step will be hidden for all projects.  
  • New Only – This means that the step will remain as is for projects that already have the milestone implemented, but will not show it when the Milestone process is added to new projects.


Projects can be associated with Milestone Processes either at creation (by adding the Milestone Process field to the New Project field set).

Or after creation (by adding the Milestone Process field to the project page layout).

A Project can be associated with only a single Milestone Process at a time, you can however change the Milestone Process that a project is related to at any time.

Note: Changing the process will result in all existing data being deleted and replaced with the steps from the new Milestone process selected.


If you have a template with a Milestone Process on it, then cloning that template will add the same Milestone Process as on the template onto the new Project automatically

  • If your template has drivers (such as project tasks) linked to a Milestone, then those relationships will be preserved during cloning.
  • If you template has related financial records that it updates (invoices, revenue recognition, financial benefits) these relationships DO NOT get carried over on cloning


The Milestone tab lives in the Summary section of the project.

  • The table shows all the ordered ‘Process Steps’ for the Project (based on the Milestone Process selected)

When a row / Process Step is selected in the table the side panel shows the following tabs:


These are the timeline records such as project tasks or phases that can be used to automatically complete the related milestone.


These are the related financial records (invoices, Revenue Recognition, Financial Benefits) which you can update (using configuration) based on a Milestone completing.


 Additional details you may want to capture about the Milestone, controlled via a field set.

Field History

Track changes made on the Milestone fields. 


Note: Field History needs to be enabled in Setup.


Chatter Users on the specific milestone

Key Fields

1. Due Date – This drives a warning indicator on the cross project (if the date is in the past a red warning triangle is displayed if there is no due date nothing is displayed)

2. Related Record Control – When selected the completion of the Milestone will be driven by the related ‘Timeline’ records to the Milestone  such as project tasks or phases

3. Completed – This is updated automatically when the related record control checkbox is selected. When the related record control checkbox isn’t selected, this field is the manual way to complete a milestone

4. Completed Date – The date that the Milestone was completed (This should be set automatically when the Milestone completes)

5. Milestone Performance – A formula field that shows if the completed date was early or late against the due date

Portfolio, Program & Cross Project Views

Milestone status across your Portfolios, Programs or List Views can be seen under the ‘Milestones’ tab on the cross project views in Cloud Coach.

Each Milestone process has its own view so that the Milestone status across a range of projects can be easily seen.

Milestone Status can be viewed as follows:

  1. Complete – Green circle with tick
  2. Incomplete / Not started – Grey outline circle
  3. Overdue – Red exclamation triangle

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