Meetings in Cloud Coach are displayed in two places: the Documents section of the project path and in My Day – Meet and individual meetings will have the same display, access, and editability on either page. Meeting management is a simple process with a familiar style of navigation. Meeting over meeting (past and upcoming) will happen in the left side panel, meeting management such as adding & editing agenda items, internal notes, and actions will happen in the main body of the page, and the collapsible right-side panel will display meeting details and information.

1. Meeting Navigation side panel
    – Tabbed view of Past and Upcoming meetings
    – Keyword search by Meeting Name
    – Toggle between a basic or detail view in the navigation side panel
    – To create a new meeting

2. Meeting Agenda, Notes, and Actions
    – Minutes Tab: Record meeting minutes for each Agenda Item in a rich text field. Contents can be displayed externally or sent in the Meeting Minutes email.
        View or Edit Coaching Notes, per Agenda Item
        Create New Agenda Item
        Add Action Item | Edit Agenda Item
    – Internal Notes: Notes for internal use only. Not displayed externally or included when Meeting Minutes email is sent.
       Create New Internal Note
       Add Action Item | Edit Internal Note
    – Open Actions: Manage existing Action Items (Salesforce Tasks) across the related project.
      Color-Coded Action Items drive Meeting health color:
       – No Actions/All Actions complete
       – Outstanding Actions, but none overdue
       – Overdue Actions

3. Meeting Details
    – Details: Shows meeting details such as Meeting Name, Time and Date, Objective, Is Template, & Externally Visible. Field display is customizable via fieldset.
    – Attendees: Search & select meeting attendees from Users in Salesforce.
    – Chatter: Displays Chatter feed for meeting record.

3. Meeting Management Buttons:
    – Add Agenda item: create a new agenda item and add it to the selected meeting.
    – Edit: Opens the details section in the side panel for editing.
    – Clone: Clone the selected meeting
    – Delete: Delete the selected meeting.

4.  Meeting Management List Buttons
    Opens *Coaching Notes for display on Agenda Items (see screenshot below)
    Edit – Open meeting details such as Meeting Name, Time and Date, Objective, Is Template, & Externally Visible for editing.
      Use Action Arrow to Add Agenda Item, Add Internal Note, Delete the meeting, Clone the meeting, and *Email Meeting Minutes to Attendees.

*Coaching Notes:



*NOTE: Email Deliverability in sandbox environments are set to deliver system emails only. Deliverability will need to be configured in order to test Meeting Minutes emails in sandbox environments. For more information, please see Test the Deliverability of Emails Sent Through Salesforce

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