How to Submit a Support Email

Support Email at Cloud Coach

There may come a time when you have a question regarding Cloud Coach functionality, or need to report a potential, or submit a feature request. Luckily, there is a process at Cloud Coach where you can submit inquiries to have a member of our support team review and get back to you. Simply email your inquiries to the email address below: 

[email protected]

What Should you Include in your Email to Support?


For questions regarding Cloud Coach functionality, make sure to include the area of the application in question and what you are trying to accomplish. 

Eg: Hello! I am trying to delete a Phase from a Project from the timelines section. How do I accomplish this? 

There may be a time when you are trying to complete something but the tool isn’t responding the way you think it should. Make sure to include steps to recreate as well as what is currently happening and what you expect it to do. 

Eg: Hello, I am having trouble understanding dependency logic. When I have dependencies drawn between several tasks across multiple phases and complete a task early, the tasks that are dependent on the completed task is not adjusting accordingly. We are using the desired start date field on Tasks to match the calculated dates. Can you help me understand what should be happening and how we can get these tasks to adjust accordingly? 

Feature Requests

We truly value any and all feedback regarding the tool and would love to hear from you. We take all of these feature requests and use them to decide the future state of Cloud Coach for each of our releases. It is important to us that our clients feel heard and that their opinions are valued. We strongly encourage you to submit as many of these items as you would like. 

Eg: Hello! I would love to be able to delete files and links from within the documents section of a project. 


There may come a time when the tool is misbehaving, as with any software. When this happens, email us immediately with the steps to recreate the issue, access to a sandbox where the issue can be replicated (we don’t work in production), how many users this is impacting, whether there is a workaround and as many details as possible. This will help our team to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Screenshots are encouraged and greatly appreciated! 

Eg: Hello, When on the Gantt View of a Project, the search bar for Tasks is not rendering any data. This is happening on all projects on the timelines view and for all users. The only workaround would be to use the Project Tasks tab and filter it based on Project, or just sift through all the tasks on the project to find the one I m looking for. This is happening in our sandbox, as well. Here is our Org ID: 00D3i000000prCC. I have granted you access for one week. 

Steps to recreate: Go to the timelines section of any project, type the name of a project task and nothing happens. 

What is Included in the Support Provided by the Standard Support Team?

The support provided by the standard support team that monitors the support inbox is Standard Support and does not include the following: 

  • Administration Support
  • Advanced Product Q&A
  • Troubleshooting custom configuration issues 
  • Lightning Status Reports 
  • Custom Code 
  • Configuration Work 
If you do find yourself in need of these services, please reach out to your Cloud Coach Customer Success Manager so they can get help determine a level of effort and provide a quote for Premium Support Hours. 

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