FAQ: Why does Cloud Coach do Automatic Upgrades?

Q: Why does Cloud Coach push to upgrade for new releases?

End users will have access to the latest and greatest product capabilities

  • Ensures that your product version is fully supported by Cloud Coach
  • Incremental product updates simplify the configuration and user testing processes

Will we be able to test the release prior to being upgraded?

Yes, you will be provided with sandbox access to the latest version of the Cloud Coach feature release 30 days prior to the official release date.

We are on an old version, how should we prepare for this change?

What is the release process?

The new version of Cloud Coach Enterprise will be available for manual installation to sandboxes 30 days before it is officially released. During this 30 day window, testing in a sandbox environment is encouraged for administrators and selected users. When the new version is officially released, manual installation to production is available for 30 days before the new version is pushed to production instances.

  • Day >1: Pre-release webinars are hosted to demonstrate functionality
  • Day 0: New package is available for sandboxes
  • Day 30: New packageĀ is officially released for installation in production instances
  • Day 60: New package is pushed to all remaining production instances

If you have questions about this process or getting up to date before push releases begin, please email us at [email protected]

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