Can I relate Tickets to other objects?

Q: Can I relate Tickets to other objects?

Tickets can be related to any standard or custom object that is needed for project success. Tickets are part of controls and controls might be needed at any point in the project lifecycle, from initiation to closure and beyond. For example, if the PMO would like relate Tickets to Investments as they may change or shape the approach or management of those investments, this can be done by creating a lookup field on the Ticket object to the desired object. This way, the related list can be added to the other object’s page layout.


  1. Go to SetupObject Manager  → Type in the “Quick Find” the word Ticket and select it. 
  2. Click the button ‘New’
  3. Choose a field type of ‘Lookup Relationship’ → ‘Next’  
  4. Set ‘Investment’ (could be any other object) as the related object → ‘Next’ 
  5. Set ‘Field Label’ (follow naming convention) → the Field Name auto-populates → make sure ‘Child Relationship Name’ is setup as Tickets → click on ‘Next’ 
  6. Set up Field Level Security to the proper profiles that need access → keep check for Ticket layout. 
  7. Go to the ‘Investment’ Page Layout → Click on the Related List and drag and drop the Tickets related list field. 
  8. Click ‘Save’

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