Can I create a custom Tab for a Cloud Coach object?

Q: Can I make a custom tab for one of the Cloud Coach objects?

Yes, custom tabs can be created on any objects. Many of the managed objects that were installed with Cloud Coach already have a tab, but for those that don’t, creating a custom tab is a simple process that can be performed by a Salesforce Administrator.  The navigation menu is the easiest way to get around in Salesforce. It relies on tabs that allow users to get where they need to be in a single click. However, not all objects in Cloud Coach come with an associated tab out of the box, this article will talk you through how to create tabs for objects in Salesforce.

To create a Custom Tab:

Go to Setup → Search “Tabs” → New

Step 1:
Object: *[Select Object]
Tab Style: [Select a preset or custom tab style]
Splash Page Custom Link: –None–
Enter a short description: [Optional]

Step 2:
Set the tab visibility based on Profile

Step 3:
Choose which apps will have access to the tab

Click Save

*Salesforce allows for only 1 tab per object. If an object already has a tab, it will not appear in the menu for selection.

Once the custom tab has been created and saved, it can be added to the standard navigation tabs at the top of the app.

Need help customizing tabs? We have an article that can help! 

Read the Admin Guide: Customize Tabs

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